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This is a teaching tool. When teaching it is essential that the student sees and understands the importance of the loop - which is why we use bright orange hi-vis flylines. But unbelievable we still expect the student to understand concepts such as rod arc with a hard to see, verging on invisible, flyrod. Hell we try to make our fishing rods invisible for stealth purposes, so it's should come of no surprise when our students fail to grasp rod arc! 

Now there are other instructor rods on the market in various colours, but let's face it, none of them are high-performance! For the same reason that we as instructors enjoy fishing with fantastic rods (because they feel good!) I - and I'm sure you too - would much rather teach with such a rod. The Instuctor rod in 2013 was our best selling rod!

What we've done is take the HT PRO6 - you can read how that was developed here: and change a few things. Firstly we've given it a thin coat of  high-gloss white paint - and yes this is going to affect the action, of course it is - I can feel it when casting them back to back, and I can see it too - but it's still a cracking rod to cast. Also we've exchanged recoils for H&H rings, because you, like me, will be casting over grass, tarmac and God knows what else and apart from the fact that recoils can screech when dry and this will concern your clients because they'll think you're killing a cat, H&H are generally considered best for this sort of hard-core abuse. Finally, we used white silk thread for the whippings which once epoxied turn clear. This is so cool! indecision

We have an Instructor/Guide/Professionals programme. So drop me an email and ask about our pro-rates! Your students will appreciate the difference!


    "I have now put a few solid hours into casting practice with #1 White Torpedo, I do not think I have ever thrown tighter loops."

Christopher Rowe, FFF CCI, Richmond, Australia


"Casting short to medium length of line feels exceptional smooth and effortless to me. I love that rod! Great rod, great teaching colour and somehow this rod is a must have for us Sexyloopers anyway, isn't it? All components are well put together and the workmanship is excellent."

Bernd Ziesche, AAPGAI Master Instructor

Product Code: INST6



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