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PRO 9ft 8wt


Product Information

Having built the PRO6 ( check here ) the question was could we do it again and reproduce a similar rod in the class 8? I'll be honest and it didn't look good for a while and I was starting to think how many other configurations could we get out of the six weight. It actually took us a year and a half, no less than 8 prototypes - maybe more, it was a lot anyway; one day I tried putting them all together in different combinations to see how bad things could really get. I felt that we were getting closer but the tip was all over the place - and that's one of my things. 

And then one day I woke to the sound of angels singing, a beam of light descended from the heavens and we nailed it. I know you're probably thinking that rods are designed by scientists in white coats with thick glasses and computers, well I'm sorry to disillusion you: they are in the most part designed by trial and error, casting and fishing. While other rod manufacters' marketing departments will tell you that they've invented new technology in aligning fibres or advancing resins, we're mostly about luck and hard work. I'm cool with that - although more luck and less hard work would be better.

Anyway, if there is a God he's on Sexyloops side. 

It's an outstanding rod, smooth like a baby's bum, crisp, progressive, fast, phenominal tip recovery - all those things that everyone claims but doesn't really produce - well we have done it. I call it a "Cannon with Finesse" because that's exacty what it is. 

The rod is fitted with SW Recoils as standard, a Full Wells grip using the finest Mafia-obtained Portuguese cork, and a SW proof reel seat - it's perfect. The seriel no4 in 2013 caught a 7lb Asp, an 11.5lb Kola Brown Trout and a 6lb Imaginary Bonefish. - just saying...

Product Code: PRO8



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