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PRO 9ft 6wt


Product Information

So I'm going to tell you the story as to how these rods were, and are, developed.
Back at the inception of in 1998 the "plan" was to turn Sexyloops into a brand. It was a long-term vision! Over the years I looked at a few fly rod development options but none truly rang my bells. In 2011 I approached a friend who designs rods for a Spanish blank and rod manufacturer with the idea that I develop some speciality rods for Sexyloops. I'll be honest, it wasn't a very quick process and the beginnings were not promising at all! But after a few attempts we had 4, 6 and 8 weight prototypes. The 4 and the 8 were reasonable in the mid-market performance side of things, but I asked to stiffen up the 6-weight in the mid sections. This was just prior to the Scottish Meet of 2012 and I took delivery of the new rod just prior to the Meet.
Well, that rod changed everything. Because all of a sudden we had a truly tremendous rod - fast, with feeling, incredible tip recovery, smooth progressive loading, and light in the hand (low swing-weight)... and Stefan broke it! But not before many had a cast with it and said "wow!" (Stefan was casting at a Snowman at two in the morning at the time - I don't blame Stefan or the Snowman). Anyway I took the news back to the factory that here we have the rod that I'm really excited about, but can you stiffen up the second section ferrule please because it failed! The rod went back to the factory and the entire second section was reinforced. And I have to say, this actually improved the rod's action and tip recovery!
So I made up a few prototypes with different ring configurations and a white version for filming the Sexyloops App. These prototype rods went through several hundred casters hands, at all levels, including the 90ft carry-and-launch brigade. Three months later I had the confidence that here we have a rod that won't fail (through fair means at least).
The feedback I've got from this rod has been incredible, with many people openly stating that if they had to have only one rod, then this would be it. Which is how I feel about it too. We've taken the HT6 blank, fitted it with US Recoils and an H&H tip top, the finest cork available (we have Mafia links into Portugal), Rec reel seat fittings and our very own anodised aluminium spacer - basically we've gone to town! Our tubes have internal dividers and are manufactured by Clear Creek in the USA. Since we have no middleman, we can pass on these savings to you by way of a better product! We also throw in a Sexyloops Sock (not one of mine) in case you like to do what I do and try to stuff three rods into one tube.
CCS data from Magnus Angus at Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine gives an Action Angle of 70 degrees, a Stiffness of 142.1g, and a weight of 96.5g - you can see his full review here. Of course once we had developed the HT6 we had to go back to the drawing board with the 4 and 8 weights, such is life! But with one blank we made three rods - the HT6, the INSTRUCTOR and the COMP5 - and we opened shop.
This rod has been glued to my hands since. I have seriel no4 (of course!) and it's my go-to mid-weight flyrod and has fished all over the Balkans for trout and grayling, the Russian Kola for big brown trout, Spain for Barbel and Malaysia for Gourami! It has the finest loop control of any six weight I've fished with incredible tip recovery and my kind of feel. The only way you'll get this rod out my hands is either to show a fish that requires a bigger rod or prise it out my fingers when I keel over. I'm sure you'll feel the same once you've picked up yours!
Cheers, Paul
Oh and to answer Magnus' question in the attached review, the name Hot Torpedo came from the "This Is Spinal Tap" movie!!!

Product Code: PRO6



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