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Competition 9ft 5wt


Product Information

The COMP5 is basically the PRO6 ( check here ) blank labelled as a five weight for competitions requiring this. A lot of people seem to have had trouble with that concept, however when carrying ~90ft of five weight line in competition then a stiffer rod is certainly an advantage! Set-up this way it reminds me very much of the old TCR5, perhaps with some more feel in the tip. Personally I wouldn't go any stiffer than this, although I know plenty who do. 

We've taken the recoils off and put on H&H for several reasons - one is many of us practise over grass, but also because I spent an afternoon casting two back-to-back just prior to the World Championships in 2012, one with recoils and the other with H&H and the H&H gave me more distance - so that swung it for me!

If you'd rather have H&H on your PRO6 then this is an off-the-shelf option, otherwise we can make you one up extremely quickly! If you have any configuration you'd prefer, such as an oversized handle or a fighting butt then of course we can create anything you want! It's matt and makes a good fishing rod as well indecision

Cheers, Paul

Product Code: COMP5



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