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Sexyloops Tackle

Welcome to Sexyloops Tackle!


What is it that you want when purchasing tackle? I know when I buy tackle I want it to be the absolute best I can afford, because there is nothing more important to me than my passion for fishing. Also it's nice to know that there is support in the background when something fails - but it's even better when it doesn't fail! I'm a good customer but can be a difficult SOB as well at times indecision


My philosophy here at Sexyloops, is I want you to be exclted by our products and our service. So excited that you rave about it! I know we can produce the best tackle, and we can sell to you at a great price because we sell direct, and because we build the product ourselves, we can tailor it specifically to your needs, whatever they may be. We hold a good stock level of all the products listed on these pages because it's my aim to dispatch orders the same day or the next day. Like you, when I buy something I want it NOW! 


There's no question that we're coming in right at the top. It's taken 15 years of planning and two and a half years of product development but I think you will be thrilled with what we have to offer - and with what we have coming. I certainly hope so! Anything I can do to make your life easier, please tell me! And don't be shy; if you have any questions about any of our tackle, then please send me an email. You will get a prompt reply! 



Paul Arden

The Sexyloops Manager.


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Product development in order: Hot Torpedo Pro 6, Instructor 6, Comp 6 >> Hot Torpedo Pro 8 >> Thunderbolt Lines coldwater 6, 5, Lumi 6, Tropical 5.



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